Another cool method for preventing/treating acne breakouts

Okay guys so first I would like to start off with saying that I am one happy girl.

I am currently sitting on my bed and I basically told myself that I had to share this. However, I would like to add that I am not a dermatologist nor an expert. I am sharing this information because I personally believe that it is effective and I would like for you to learn and pass along to someone who might be suffering from the same issue.


for the past 2 weeks or so I have noticed zits and pimples started to formulate around the right side of my chin.

At first I thought okay maybe I am breaking out because I am about to start. (hormones)

Well it was that time of the month and well two weeks pass by and they are still there. So I started to get concerned.

In my previous post I mentioned a method that I used in treating acne

 Lemon and Vitamin E worked BUT not as fast as the one that I am about to share with you..

I am always willing to try something new, that’s just me :)



1. Clean Wash cloth

2.  One Lemon

and that’s basically it……… :)

This is so simple and easy


First wash your face with mild anti bacterial soap

Pat dry your face with a CLEAN towel

Cut a lemon in half and squeeze lemon juice onto a cotton ball

Apply to face and affected area

Note: Please avoid the eye area..Once it is applied on your face it will start to burn and itch. Don’t worry It’s okay.

If you can’t handle it add water to a separate cotton ball and apply to face. 

Also, do not apply the lemon juice to cuts or wounds

Once you are done applying lemon juice to your face just sit and wait for about 10 mins.

The burning and itching will eventually stop and the lemon juice will absorb into your skin.

Your face will look shiny and smooth.

Now apply some more to your face and let it dry.

While waiting your face to dry

Grab your wash cloth damp it with water and put it in

the microwave for like 30 secs. 

Please be careful because it may be  hot!

lay the warm wash cloth over your face this allows your pores to open up  and also allows the lemon juice to penetrate in your pores.

 Note: do not suffocate yourself by laying the whole wash cloth over your face allow yourself to breath by leaving your mouth area open. If you want you can do the top half of your face and then do the lower part of your face.

After like 5mins remove the wash cloth and add more lemon juice

Once again reheat the wash cloth

Note: there might be a possible chance that u will start to feel the burning and itchy again it’s completely fine :)

Do it 3 times,

there is no specific order if you want you can apply warm wash cloth first to open up pores and then apply the lemon juice. Honestly it is totally up to you!

Once you are done wash your face with warm water [only water] and then pat dry with a clean dry towel.

If you want you can leave the lemon juice on your face over night it’s up to you but…

 I have to go I need to wash my face! :)

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